Use Cases

Service Provider

Network Consolidation

Major APJ Operator


Complete isolation – from physical up to management

  • Physical isolation – dedicated ports allocated to a given slide (vFabric)
  • Separate containers allocated to a given slice/vFabric
  • Data Center Infrastructure Provider has the complete view – separate from the customer paying for a given slice (Role Base Management)


Major Cost Savings

  • Allows partial stacks to deployed and provide full networking functionality i.e. CSP Stack #1 or Stack #2 only deployments
  • Bolsters medium and small site business cases
  • Open Compute Platform (OCP) HW – allows interchangeability of HW – like servers


Faster TTM

  • Allows edge sites to grow with other stacks in the future e.g. different CSP Stacks or different “Media” stacks
  • Kaloom’s solution allows IP reuse (same IPs used by different vFabrics)

Problem Statement

  • Operators have built year after year separate, physical networks addressing different needs and delivering different functionalities or vendors
  • Exacerbated by multi-cloud strategies requiring at least 2 – potentially 3 CSPs


  • Opportunity to consolidate these physical networks into a smaller number (typically less than 10)

Kaloom’s Solution

  • Network Slicing (Kaloom’s Virtual Fabric referred as vFabric) bringing massive CAPEX and OPEX reduction
    • Less physical networks
    • Managed separately (Role Base Management)

Why Kaloom Networks?

  • Complete isolation between different “tenants” as “customers” or “applications” – increased security, separate SLAs

Delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated.

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